gINT for ArcGIS

Utilize gINT data within ArcGIS’s powerful GIS interface with gINT for ArcGIS. gINT for ArcGIS is an add-on that enables you to:

  • Import your gINT projects into ArcGIS projects
  • Select gINT project data from within ArcGIS
  • View gINT project data details from within ArcGIS
  • Preview, print and export gINT logs and fences from within ArcGIS

With gINT for ArcGIS, viewing or printing a gINT borehole log or fence within ArcGIS is as easy as right-clicking on a gINT point within an ArcGIS map.

The installed gINT toolbar for ArcGIS can display a context menu used to access and output gINT project information. Tthe gINT context menu in ArcGIS can easily be activated by right-clicking on any visible gINT point or fence baseline, or by selecting one or more gINT points and right-clicking anywhere within the ArcGIS map window.

gINT for ArcGIS is included as part of gINT Professional and gINT Professional Plus.

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