gINT Logs

gINT Logs is a high-quality, low-cost software package for generating customizable logs.  The new Version 8.2 offers the same alternative data entry modes as gINT Professional and gINT Log Plus, namely, the classic spreadsheet-style input and the new Graphical Input Mode, which enables users to input data on an image of a log while the database records data in the background. The new Graphical Input Mode makes data entry a breeze for beginners used to working with data input in a graphical format.  The spreadsheet style is also available to users who prefer the classic input mode.

With superior gINT engineering and many of the features of the full gINT Professional package, this program simplifies data entry and report generation.  Because the program is upgradable to higher-level products such as gINT Professional, it is a solid foundation for geotechnical data management and reporting that will continue to work to meet your company's needs over many years.

gINT Logs offers much more than other logging programs.  As with all gINT Programs, it is a fully customizable database management system that can be programmed to perform a wide variety of sophisticated tasks, calculations and automated routines to save time and effort.  gINT logs also offers a variety of data input tools to help streamline data entry.  For example, you can create lookup tables that standardize and speed up data entry. Because your customizable choices appear in a drop-down list, this means fewer keystrokes. You can also create your own required fields, default values and descriptions, which facilitate fast and accurate data entry. Required fields and default values help ensure data integrity, while descriptions helps the person entering the data learn the requirements of particular fields.

An extensive library of nearly 1,000 symbols gives you added flexibility in designing your logs. You can add to the symbol list with your own custom symbols as well.

The following file types are supported:

  • PDF (Export)
  • Excel
  • DXF
  • RockWorks (Export)
  • LogPlot (Import)
  • WinLog (Import)
  • Database files
  • Raster images
  • HPGL 1 (Import only)

All gINT Products offer a wide selection of log report forms downloadable for free via the Web. gINT offers free updates available over the Internet as well.

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