gINT Logs Plus - Logs, AGS and More

gINT Logs Plus provides fully customizable borehole logs and text tables that are AGS-compliant. gINT also offers a free AGS-checker for AGS data-format verification. This program offers the same alternative data entry modes as gINT Professional and gINT Logs, namely, the classic spreadsheet-style input and the new Graphical Input Mode, which enables users to input data on an image of a log while the database records data in the background. The new Graphical Input Mode makes data entry a breeze for beginners used to working with data input in a graphical format.

gINT Logs Plus offers all of the features of the gINT Logs program, plus the following:

  • A full-featured on-board drawing environment
  • More extensive import/export capabilities
  • Ability to compare databases
  • The ability to write gINT RUles (TM) code for custom programming applications

The following import/export formats are supported:

  • Excel
  • AGS
  • DXF
  • Raster images
  • Comma-separated values (CSV)
  • GenIO Export
  • Database files
  • EVS PDF Export
  • Contouring Export
  • Correspondence File Editor
  • HPGL 1 (import only)

All gINT Products offer a wide selection of log report forms downloadable for free via the Web. gINT offers free updates available over the Internet as well.

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